Wheelchair Rugby (or "Quad Rugby") is also called "Murderball"
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A Memorable Documentary Film about the Unconquerable Human Spirit!
 Maximize Your Fitness with "Murderball"!

Illustration: Mark Zupan, Captain of the USA Wheelchair Rugby ("Murderball") TeamOkay, you've been diligent, working on your fitness, and planning out your diet and exercise programs. You're doing a great job! So now, we're going to treat you to a great movie about real people.

This high-energy documentary film epitomizes the essence of "living your life beyond disability" ... which is what BarrierFreeChoices is all about!

Sorry, we don't have any popcorn for you. But if you want something crunchy, carrots and apples are great choices. Celery sticks are good, too.

Before the movie, we should tell you a little about the man in the photo at right, and about his sport.

About the Man in the Photo:
Mark Zupan, a Civil Engineer in Austin Texas, is also Captain of the USA Wheelchair Rugby Team. Mark began playing the sport in Atlanta in 1996, earning his first Gold Medal at the World Wheelchair Games in 1999, and has led America's Team to several Medals (Gold, Bronze, etc.) in the Paralympic Games.

Mark's autobiography, "GIMP", is subtitled: "When Life Deals You a Crappy Hand, You Can Fold -- Or You Can Play". More details about Mark Zupan, his sport, and his "disability" are in the movie you are about to watch, and also at the links on this page.

About the Sport:
Wheelchair Rugby began in Canada in 1977, and was originally called "Murderball" (which is also the name of the film you are going to see). In the U.S., Wheelchair Rugby is called "Quad Rugby" because the sport's participants have some degree of tetraplegia (which is explained briefly near the beginning of the film).

Wheelchair Rugby's U.S. governing body is the United States Quad Rugby Association (USQRA). From their website: "'Smashing Stereotypes One Hit at a Time' is the main message of our players and our sport. Quad rugby is a tough, give-no-quarter game. Our players' lives – their successes and trials on and off the court – are a continuous example of smashing stereotypes. The sport is about ability and competitive fire. It is testament to the spirit of our great athletes, their humanity, and the intensity of our game.

Wheelchair Rugby, governed by the International Wheelchair Rugby Federation (IWRF), is played in more than 24 countries. Wheelchair Rugby is the fastest growing wheelchair sport in the world, and has become a major Paralympic event.

About the Movie:
"Murderball" is a documentary film about Wheelchair Rugby, the people involved with the sport, and the unconquerable human spirit. Released in 2005, "Murderball" has won four awards, including the Sundance Film Festival award for Best Documentary Feature, and was also an Oscar nominee for Best Documentary Feature at the 78th Academy Award ceremonies.

You can find a plot synopsis and critic reviews of "Murderball" at Rotten Tomatoes, or you can read the Wikipedia summary of the film. "Murderball" is rated "R" (parents of small children can refer to IMDB's Parental Guide Certification for details on the rating, if necessary).

To view the film in full-screen mode,
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Runtime for the film is 85:37. Got your healthy snacks gathered up? Enjoy the movie!

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